About us

The Beginnings

The idea to do something for the less fortunate in remote Mexican areas was born when Susie Alegre personally experienced the suffering in one of the deprived communities, Chilocuil, which is yet situated in midst of beautiful Mexican landscapes. We translated our desire to help and make a real change in the community into aiming to bring hope and take away despair, to bring fun and excitement and open the minds of children as well as adults increasing their own potential.

Our Logo

A logo is to represent an organisation outwards and is to be chosen very carefully.

So, as you can imagine, it was not easy to find ours. Here are some options which were considered before the decision fell on the one you know to be standing out for Mexico Creativo.

Maya Glyphs:

The corn god

The shining room/ Death of moon

Reversal of the seasons

Unknown astronomical event

Our Logo

Mission Statement

In June 2001, Susie Alegre visited Chilocuil village in Mexico. Together with the rest of the team’s individual experience of the suffering, yet beauty, hope and potential of the children within deprived communities, we decided to make concrete our desires to help and make a change in the community.

What Can We Do

We do not intend to change the life of the community or replace any traditions and customs with a copy of 'First World Standard'.

We intend to open the mind of the community as well as the world and show what options there are in life, introduce other Mexican ways of spending free time and to promote creative 'thinking' and 'making' etc.

Statement of Aims

We aim to:

  • Increase multilingual literacy and self-expression
  • Provide paper, pens, pencils and other creative materials
  • Organise multilingual creativity seminars and workshops eventually using facilitators from within the communities themselves
  • Provide access to books, art and learning materials
  • Publish and disseminate the work produced by marginalised communities in the wider world

Means of Reaching Our Aims

  1. Creation of a two way flow of ideas and creative expression
  2. Reinforcing a sense of self-worth and awareness in the community
  3. Encouraging a sense of pride in the community and preserving language and tradition in a changing society
  4. Increase of awareness of the world outside the community and improving the quality of interaction with that world
  5. Giving a voice to the isolated community

Our Staff

The founders of Mexico Creativo as a Charitable Trust were Susie Alegre, Sarah Bowman and Rebeca Robertson.

Since a reorganisation in summer 2003, the new trustees are Rebeca Robertson, Wing Shek and Diana Amberg.

The Trustees: