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General Information


Mexico is situated in Latin America and surrounded by the Pacific (Wes) and Gulf of Mexico (East), the United States (North) and Guatemala and Belize (South). The country covers around 760,000 square miles and has over 90 million inhabitants


Mexico is a country with a gaping poverty divide. There is a national minimum wage which varies according to region between $32 and $40 per day (approximately 2 pounds sterling) although many people, particularly peasant farmers, do not even earn this much. As you can see, this is not sufficient to provide even the basic essentials for a family to eat. In order to give a more realistic point of comparison, an average wage for a classical musician in an orchestra in Mexico is $8000 per month.



Mexico's fiestas are a riot of colour and music. Its cities host numerous national and international festivals. Cultural activities related to Mexican traditions are expressed in its music and dance. There are also permanent or travelling exhibitions of renowned Mexican painters and sculptors as well as pop, rock and jazz festivals. Open-air celebrations in plazas, with dancers weaving through the streets, together with spectacular expressions of individual and collective creativity are common in cities.

Music plays a central role in Mexican life and tradition and is used to express stories, feelings and bring colour to any Mexican celebration or festival.

Mexican Artists

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican artist.

A cinema film has been produced portraying Frida Kahlo's life.

Self Portrait

Mexican Festivals

Some national holidays:

1 st January New Year
5 th February Constitution Day
21 st March Birthday of Benito Juárez
April Maundry Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Monday
1 st May Labour Day
16 th September Independence Day
12th October Discovery of America (Día de la Raza)
20 th November Day of the Revolution
25 th December Christmas Day

Some religious fiestas
(out of the over 5000 listed in the Mexican calendar)

6 th January Santos Reyes
10 th May Mother's Day
31 st October – 2 nd November Day of the Dead– Día de los Muertos (
Day of the Child
Corn Festival
Festival of Tlamanes
Navidad (Christmas)
1st /2nd November All Souls' Day
12th December Our Lady of Guadalupe