- Visit to Chilocuil

Not long ago, Sara returned from her visit to Chilocuil.
You can read about her experience here on the projects page

- Reorganisation

The new trustees of Mexico Creativo are Rebeca Robertson, Wing Shek and Diana Amberg. Susie Alegre who moved to Brussels continues to support the organisation.

- Spring Newsletter - please click to find out more

This newsletter provides details about the first workshops and activities of Mexico Creativo in Chilocuil. Please click here


First art and music workshops took place in Chilocuil.
See the Projects page


- First visit to Chilocuil

What Susie experienced was like being on a different planet. The life in and the village of Chilocuil did not have any similarities with her 'normal' life. Simply explaining what a cello or classical music was appeared to be a problem but no hurdle to enjoy the welcoming gestures of the villagers and event participate in a curative ritual . Who would think paracetamol would be used to cure Typhoid? On the other hand, there is astonishing scenery .

To find out more, see the projects page for further information


We like having Latin parties with live music and getting everyone happy drunk on tequila. What can be a better idea than to have fun and raise money at the same time!

You can read about our past events below.

Watch this space for our future events or e-mail us at to receive invites.


Thank you for coming to our 2nd Birthday Party! 24 Nov '04 at Southside Bar, Cleveland Street, London

Let us remind you in case of excess tequila, there was live music, sexy salsa & lessons, hot Mexican tacos, more tequila than last year. What more could we have asked for! Lucky raffle winners took home a DVD player, CD player, dinner for two, wine, tequila (!), and the list goes on...

From the look of everyone at the end of the night, we'd say you had a really good time and not to mention helping us to raise over £500! The money will help us to start set up new art workshops for kids in communities.

We'd like to thank everyone who helped make the night possible.

We'll keep you updated on the progress.

Click here to see the photos from the night.


28th November 2003 - Mexican Party at the O'Conor Don, 88 Marylebone Road, London.

Live Spanish music, tequila, great raffle prizes and party people! What more could we ask for on our 1st birthday. Thanks for making it a memorable night for us and we hope the hangovers weren't too bad - and on a school night.

We raised around £500 to further fund our project in Chiliocuil. The money enabled the traditional local musicians to live and perform their art which is a big part of their culture and festivals.

Please look at our Projects section to find out more.

Download the Flyer HERE .


September 2002 - MC launched in London, O'Conor Don, Marylebone Lane, London

Mexico Creativo's launch party took place in London and was a great success. With the help of all visitors, friends and donors we raised an amazing £401.46 . This will allow us to start the first project in Chilocuil in November 2002.

The plans for the first project focus on an annual festival in November which is celebrated in the Chilocuil community. The festival is called Tlamanes and celebrates the annual harvest.

October 2002 - MC launch party in Brussels

This fundraising event was a tremendous success during which an unexpected, stunning, but very welcome and needed €2005 were raised. This as not just an illusion brought after many shots of tequila but hard reality.

We are delighted to have generated such an interest among you in Brussels and send special thanks to Mexico Creativo's special friends Sara Vandore, Eoghan and their team in Brussels for putting this together! Thank you guys!



One of our main aims it to provide the workshops undertaken at the moment with a certain regularity. Resources and funds permitting, the work will be extended to other communities.

In addition, we intend to raise sufficient funds to be able to register as a charity in the United Kingdom.